• Our food isn't spicy unless you request it that way.

  • Please read the full description under the plan/ package you select.



  • Deliveries are NOT included in the price on a sales package. If you order multiple weeks the delivery fee applies weekly! 

  • All weekly deliveries are on Tuesdays or Fridays between 10am - 2pm. We also offer evening deliveries, please request that if you prefer. 

  • For fresher meals, you can arrange for deliveries twice weekly, however, the delivery fee may apply twice.

  • Delivery fee applies weekly if you purchase a package, it won't reflect that when you placed your order online so we will send an invoice that will reflect the weekly charge.

  • For Tuesday deliveries: Invoices need to be paid for by 12PM on Sundays.

  • For Friday deliveries: Invoices need to be paid for by 12PM on Tuesdays.

  • All orders that include detox tea or vegetable salad will be delivered on Fridays only.

  • If you order a 4-6 week package delivery will be weekly, unless previously discussed. If you need to postpone a delivery we need at least 72 hours notice to pause your package. 

  • We take 40 clients per week and often reach our max before the deadline. 

  • Salads and Teas only go out on Fridays. 

  • Someone needs to be present to receive the order or you can leave a cooler with ice outside for the delivery.

  • Please send all correspondence through email, pleased do not text. 

  • If you miss a delivery, you will be required to pay a redelivery fee.

  • We do not deliver on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

  • If you need to postpone a delivery or make any changes to a meal plan we need to be notified within 72 hours of the delivery date. Less than  24 hours you will lose the delivery or be moved to the next delivery date. NO EXCEPTIONS can be made.

Additional questions or issues with ordering?

Please contact us at: info@spicygirlmealprep.com